A messy house naturally leads to dirty ductwork. However, if you are really nice and tidy, you may be surprised to learn that your ductwork may need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Regardless, duct cleaning is required on a regular basis to maintain a home habitable. Whether you install filters and clean them on a regular basis or not, dust and microorganisms will accumulate in the ventilation system.

How does dust accumulate in your home?

Today’s dwellings, unlike previous generations, are airtight. This is useful for keeping heat and cold inside, but it means that any dust carried in from outside will be recirculated. It will accumulate over time in generally unseen areas such as ductwork. Every year, 40 pounds of dust travels through a six-room house.

Why is duct cleaning required?

Cleaning your ducts protects not just your health by eliminating allergens, but it also preserves the components in your HVAC system. For example, additional dust traveling through your air conditioner might clog the evaporator coils, requiring them to be serviced, cleaned, or replaced more frequently. Extra dust in the air might lead to ignite issues in the heating system.

When should you have your ducts cleaned?

Although it is necessary, most ductwork will only need to be cleaned every two years. It may be necessary to clean it once a year or more in some circumstances. This is particularly true if you own pets. After the cleaning, you will notice that your HVAC unit is running more efficiently.

Signs that your ducts need to be cleaned

The Environmental Protection Agency sends out a person to help people figure out when their ducts need to be cleaned. Some of these indicators include noticing dust drifting in the sunshine near your windows. An extra cleaning may be necessary following a significant renovation job or when you move into a new property. Other indications that you require a cleaning include new allergy issues that were not present previously, mildew in the ductwork, and recent bug or pest infestations.

Get your ducts cleaned right now.

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